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I’ve been struggling with my gender a lot over the last few years and have decided that this year I am going to start dressing and looking more how I’m happy with. I want to look more androgynous and feminine, I’ve always looked at their clothes and wished I could wear them because of how they look and how they feel. This has lead me down a bad path for many years. I found some good friends lately and they’ve helped give me confidence about dressing for me, not for the rest of the world. I don’t feel female, although some days the thing between my legs is something I don’t want there. I still haven’t worked out where I am on the spectrum so for now I will rest safely in Genderfluid, although I think that may change this year. All I know is that whatever I am, dressing like this has put a smile on my face which has been missing for a while. Thank you :) (grownupjunk, fuckyoufuckthisfuckeverything and uglydefault)

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